What Are Your Greatest Strengths? – How To Answer

You should expect to be asked, “What are your greatest strengths?” in your next job interview. The general public is erroneous in thinking that this is a simple subject to resolve. You will not pass the interview if you do not give the correct answer to this question. So, if you have an upcoming interview for any position or organization, stick around because I guarantee you’ll succeed on the first try with my guidance.

In this article I will teach you three things that will help you ace your interview the first time around and stand out from the crowd as the best candidate.

First, let me clarify why the recruiter wants to know, “What are your greatest strengths?” You need to know the two answers to this challenging question in order to succeed in your job interview.

Two strong, memorable responses to the interview question “What are your greatest strengths?” come next. Select the one you consider to be the most convincing argument.

Thirdly, I’ll provide a link to a page where you may quickly and easily download my 100 best responses to challenging interview questions.

First, I’ll explain the two main reasons why the interviewer will ask, “What are your greatest strengths?” Take notes, please.

One of the main reasons you’ll be asked this in the interview is because they want to make sure your skills are a good fit for the position. You can’t overlook this fact. Now, these “essential criteria” will be listed in the job posting. The ideal candidate will have specific strengths within the established parameters. If you play to your skills and those listed in the job description, you will have a far better chance of being hired.

Second, they want to identify someone who will contribute to the success of their team, which is why they are asking you the challenging interview question, “What are your greatest strengths?” Being thrifty with materials and time, for instance, can help a business save money. A person’s ability to attract clients through their creativity or proficiency in social media posting, for example, can be a boon to any business.

Before I offer you those two excellent responses, though, I want to give you a very useful piece of advice about how to answer the interview question, “What are your greatest strengths?” Therefore, I suggest you highlight four virtues in your response. The first three virtues can be those listed in the job posting, but the fourth must be one that benefits the organization in some way, preferably monetarily.

To help you prepare for this question, I’ll give you two excellent responses that others have given in the past. Leave a comment telling me which of the two possible answers (one or two) you believe is more convincing. Okay, let’s start.

Option one: “My greatest strengths include my attention to detail, my resilience during difficult and challenging situations, and my meticulous planning and organizing.” In addition to these strengths, I also have others that could benefit your firm. I am proficient in social media and am willing to handle your Facebook and Instagram pages to boost your business’s visibility and revenue.

Option two: “My fast pace of work and the fact that I require minimal supervision are my greatest strengths.” My former boss frequently remarked that I was able to complete more tasks than the rest of the staff combined.

I also excel at interacting with clients. As a people person, I excel at forming lasting bonds with clients and consumers that boost both revenue and satisfaction. Last but not least, I am a thrifty individual who will work to reduce wasteful office procedures and take good care of resources so that you can cut costs and boost revenues.

Okay, so those are two A+ examples of how to respond to the dreaded “What are your greatest strengths?” question on a job interview.

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