Top 5 Digital Job Interview Techniques

Do you have a video interview coming up? Are you wondering how to seem less awkward in your next video interview? If so, stick around because in this article, I’m going to teach you how to prepare for your next video interview and how to seem less awkward on camera.

Video interviews seem to be one of the fastest growing interview strategies for large companies like Nike, Intel, Deloitte and even Carnival Cruise Lines. So why is this type of interview strategy so popular and why are so many companies using video interviews to screen potential candidates.

Well here are just a few of the reasons. They cost less. They’re easier to conduct than face-to face interviews and hiring can be done faster. Here’s the other thing, it’s been proven that when video interviews are used in the hiring process, it actually lowers the company’s turnover rate and produces an overall higher quality employee.

So here’s the problem, how can a candidate like you be yourself on camera and ace the interview? Job interviews are already tough enough, but add a camera and no human contact and it proves to be a tough situation. So I’m here to help you in your next video interview. Let’s jump into it.

How To Prepare For A Digital Job Interview

5. Test Your Equipment

Most interviews can be done on your computer, a mobile device or a tablet. Pick what device you are most comfortable with and make sure it is powered up 100% before the interview starts.

Also make sure your internet connect is working. The last thing you want to have happen during your video interview is for your internet connection to go out. This leads us to tip number two.

4. Test Your AVL

Prior to interview candidates must test your AVL, otherwise known as audio, visual and lighting. Let’s first talk about audio. When the time comes, you want to find a nice quiet place to conduct your interview. You don’t want distractions like a barking dog or a crying baby.

These noises will break your concentration and make you fumble over your words and don’t want to conduct your interview at your current place of employment. You want to plan ahead and make sure you have a spot picked out before your interview starts. To make sure your voice is heard clearly, make sure you use some type of earbuds.

Let’s move on to the visual component of a video interview. In particular your camera placement. Your camera should be no further than arm’s lenght away and your eyes should be about two-thirds from the top of your screen. If your interview will be conducted on a platform like zoom, you’ll actually have a place designated on the screen that shows you where to line your face up.



Now to make sure that your device is at eye level you may need to prop it up. Consider using a stack of books or a box. If you’re using a mobile device, you may need to use some type of tripod to stabilize it.

3. Choose your clothing ahead of time

You want a dress as you would for a regular interview. For men, my recommendation is a white shirt with a tie. For women, would be a blouse or a blazer over a blouse. It doesn’t hurt to research company culture and then dress up one notch from that.

Also consider what colors you look best in on camera. If you don’t know, try picking some solid, darker colors and taking a picture of yourself or a short video clip and then reviewing it. This leads us to tip number four.

2. Practice

Practice, practice, practice. One of the best ways to practice is to film yourself answering common interview questions such as “What are your greatest strengths?”, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, or “Out of all the other candidates why should we hire you?” Now I know this might seem awkward, but I promise you doing this will get out some of the interview day jitters.

Another thing when it comes to practicing is to practice your body language. Practice your hand gestures, your head movements. You don’t want to move too much and you don’t want to fidget but you also don’t want to be a rigid statue. Try to be as natural as possible.

1. Prepare Important Documents or Notes Ahead Of Time

This includes printing out your resume and having it in front of you. Also, jot down important notes about the company and don’t be afraid to break eye contact from the camera for just a few seconds. This actually provides more of a natural flow to the interview. Just make sure you don’t look away for too long.



Let’s recap! The five strategies to a successful video interview. Tip number one, make sure you test your equipment before you start. Tip number two, make sure your AVL or audio, visual, lighting is spot-on. Tip number three, choose your clothing ahead of time. Tip number four, practice, practice, practice. And then tip number five, prepare important documents or notes ahead of time.

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