Top 10 Resume Writing Mistakes That Will Cost You A Job Interview

So real quick, if you see something missing from this list make sure you mention it in the comments below. Let’s jump into it.

Top 10 Resume Mistakes – How NOT To Write A Resume

10. Unprofessional Email Address

This will ruin your chances of getting a job interview. Make sure your email address on your resume is professional. Preferably your first and last name or some variation of your first and last name.

9. Including Your Street Address

Including your street address on a resume actually opens you up to identity theft. Instead of using your street address provide a customized LinkedIn URL. If you don’t know how to customize your Linkedin URL that’s okay because I created a video about how to do that so I’ll go ahead and link that video up below.

8. Including A Profile Photo or A Headshot On Your Resume

Your resume is not the place for your profile picture. Including one actually opens you up for discrimination based on your age and your gender. If the hiring manager or employer wants to know what you look like, they can go to your LinkedIn profile to see a picture but just don’t include one on your resume.

7. Including an Objective Statement

An objective statement on a resume is old and outdated. If you have one you need to remove it and replace it with something like a professional profile or some type of branding statement that tells a company what you can do for them.

6. A Hobbies Sections

Hiring managers and employers normally don’t want to know about your hobbies at this phase in the interview process. You can save this for later in maybe a second or a third interview. Leave your hobbies off your resume.

5. Listing Job Descriptions

Listing job descriptions on a resume only informs a hiring manager of your daily tasks. It doesn’t demonstrate the impact you made or the results you achieved in your previous positions. Rather than listing job descriptions use action verbs and statements that quantify your accomplishments.



4. Including References

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see all the time. Your resume is very valuable real estate. You want to reserve your list of references for a separate sheet of paper that you can give to the hiring manager or employer if they ask for that.

3. Poor Spelling and Grammar

A resume with misspelled words or bad grammar will go right in the trash. Ask as many qualified people that you know to proofread your resume. They might catch something that you didn’t see.

When it comes to writing a resume that will land you a job interview, avoid the words “I” and “me” and then also make sure that you don’t use present tense verbs on past tense positions.

2. A Resume That Is Too Long or Too Short

Here’s a good rule of thumb when it comes to the length of your resume. If you have less than 5 years of experience keep your resume to one page. If you have more than 5 years of work experience it’s okay to go to a two-page resume.

1. A Resume That Is Too Generic

Hiring managers and recruiters sometime sit through hundreds of resumes a day. Make sure every resume you submit is tailored to a specific job. An easy way to do this is to place key words throughout your resume.

This will make sure your resume pasts applicant tracking software and it will catch the eye of a hiring manager or recruiter a lot quicker. Okay guys thanks for hanging with me until the end. I promised you a special bonus and here it is.



What resume writing mistake have you seen recently that we should add to the list? Feel free to comment below

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