Shop Assistant at Ackermans

  • Shift Full Time
  • Job Qualifications Matric Certificate
  • Number of vacancies 10 openings
  • Job experience 1 year
  • Job level Officer

Job Description

In today’s fast-paced and dynamic retail environment, providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience is of utmost importance. This article focuses on the P27 role, which plays a crucial part in delivering outstanding customer service through various tasks such as stock replenishment, merchandising, housekeeping, and efficient transaction processing. If you’re someone who is self-motivated, performance-driven, and possesses the necessary energy for this exciting retail position, seize this opportunity to invest in your career growth.


To excel in the P27 role, the following qualifications are required:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent

Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

To ensure success in this role, it is essential to possess the following knowledge and skills:

1. Excellent Customer Service Skills:

As a P27, providing excellent customer service should be your top priority. Understanding customer needs, offering assistance, and resolving queries or complaints will contribute to an outstanding shopping experience.

2. Communication Skills:

Fluency in English is a must, and proficiency in any additional languages can be beneficial. Effective communication allows you to engage with customers from diverse backgrounds and cater to their specific requirements.

3. Tenacity:

Demonstrating tenacity enables you to persevere in challenging situations. By staying focused and determined, you can overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional service to customers.

4. High Energy Levels:

Working in a fast-paced retail environment demands high energy levels. Your enthusiasm and vigor will contribute to creating a vibrant atmosphere for both customers and fellow team members.

5. Motivation and Target-Driven Attitude:

Being highly motivated and target-driven is crucial for success in the P27 role. By setting goals, tracking progress, and striving to achieve targets, you can make a significant impact on the overall performance of the store.


While previous retail experience is not mandatory, it can be advantageous in understanding the intricacies of the role. Prior exposure to customer service and familiarity with retail operations can contribute to a smoother transition into the P27 role.

Key Responsibilities:

As a P27, your responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks aimed at providing exceptional service and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers. The following subheadings outline these key responsibilities and highlight relevant keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes:

1. Providing Excellent Customer Service:

Your primary objective is to deliver excellent customer service, ensuring that shoppers have a positive experience. Engage with customers, assist them in finding the desired goods, and promptly address any queries or complaints they may have.

2. Assisting Shoppers and Product Navigation:

Guide customers in locating products they are searching for, offering recommendations, and providing information about the store’s merchandise. By assisting shoppers effectively, you enhance their overall experience and increase customer satisfaction.

3. Handling Cashier Duties:

Process cash and card payments accurately and efficiently. Additionally, manage lay-bys, process customer refunds, report discrepancies or problems to the supervisor, and ensure proper till balancing.

4. Merchandising:

Maintain accurate pricing and attractive product displays. Regularly check stock levels and ensure products are readily available on the sales floor. Stay updated on ongoing promotions to assist customers effectively.

5. Housekeeping:

Maintain a clean and organized store environment through regular housekeeping activities. This includes tidying displays, arranging products neatly, and ensuring the overall cleanliness of the store.

6. Risk Management:

Adhere to company policies regarding product tagging, participate in stock takes, and remain vigilant for shoplifters or fraudulent activities. Report any suspicious behavior promptly to the management team.

7. Upholding Company Values and Policies:

Consistently embody the Ackermans values, policies, and procedures in all aspects of your work. By aligning your actions with the company’s ethos, you contribute to maintaining a positive work environment and promoting customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the P27 role offers a rewarding opportunity to contribute to a seamless shopping experience for customers. By focusing on exceptional customer service, efficient merchandising, and diligent housekeeping, you can make a lasting impact in the dynamic world of retail. Embrace this role with passion, energy, and a commitment to delivering outstanding results, and witness your career flourish in the retail industry.