Farmer (Broilers) x 2 at RCL FOODS

  • Agricultural Jobs In South Africa
  • Full time
  • 5 months ago
  • South Africa
  • Salary Rand 18000-20000 / Monthly
  • Shift Full Time
  • Job Qualifications Bachelor’s Degree
  • Number of vacancies 5 openings
  • Job experience 5 years
  • Job level Officer

Job Description

Ongoing Job Vacancy at RCL FOODS for the position of Farmer (Broilers) x 2 for immediate employment.

Duties & Responsibilities

The successful applicant will be responsible for but not limited to the following job functions:

What you’ll do

Feed Management

  • Management of feed through accurate and timeous, allocation of feed; bin stocks and orders
  • Ensure feed procedure executed correctly
  • Planning feed stock and ensure enough feed at all times
  • Receive delivered feed and verify feed codes
  • Take Feed samples upon receipt of delivery
  • Check and report feed quality if below standard
  • Ensure feeder systems fully maintained through physical inspection of systems on a weekly basis

Ventilation Management

  • Daily planning and adjustment to ventilation system as per requirement as per BOP

Water Management

  • Ensure water system is fully maintained and operational at all times as per BOP and hygiene program
  • Plan water line heights and water flow on a daily basis
  • Measure water intake and record and report on variancesLight Management
  • Ensure prescribed light program implemented through physical inspections
  • Order stock to replace and maintain lighting standards
  • Ensure security and gate house lights switched of during the day

Temperature Management

  • Plan daily set-points as per procedure
  • Monitor and maintain Ikaya probes


  • Planning and calculation of cutt-offs on a daily basis
  • Counting birds at every grading
  • Calculate birds per square meter and camp size


  • Ensure vaccinations are done as per BOP and approved vaccination program
  • Plan activities according to vaccination program; ensure stock availabitity
  • Monitor vaccine reactions and report inconsistencies and draw blood samples as per procedure

Drag Swabs

  • Ensure Drag Swabs program followed correctly

Ground Maintenance

  • Planning of continuous ground maintenance and fence monitoring of site


  • Produce adequate support to optimal litter conditions through ventilation; water and temperature management
  • Ensure correct number of shavings is delivered per house and levelled correctly
  • Ensure bedding quality is in spec
  • Ensure Litter Beetle program implemented

Samples & Monitoring

  • Ensure samples are taken as per Hygiene program
  • Ensure correct methodology is applied for all samples taken through physical inspection
  • Conduct farm PMs if required; report on findings
  • Auditing house cards weekly
  • Recording mortality numbers and reporting daily mortalities per house


  • Maintain Gatehouse to BOP requirements at all times wrt hygiene; biosecurity and cleanliness

Biosecurity Management

  • Implement and Maintain biosecurity measures
  • Conduct biweekly audits and report on findings
  • Plan bio-security related stock and order timeously
  • Ensure MSDS availability for all chemicals as per SHEQ requirement
  • Ensure rodent control is implemented as per BOP
  • Conduct rodent control inspection on biweekly basis

PPE Management



  • Ensure PPE is supplied as per BOP and H&S requirements
  • Issuing and stock control as per BOP
  • Monthly PPE recon signed off and audited

Health and Safety

  • Ensure IOD’s are dealt with within shift; report ro Risk and PM
  • Update SHERQ files with any changes
  • Ensure all H&S appointments are updated; certification valid
  • Ensure all trainings are done and signed off
  • Ensure monthly H&S meetings are done and attended

Standby Generator

  • Ensure standby generator in good working order at all times
  • Inspect generator room and logbook on weekly basis
  • Immediate report of generator failure
  • Ensure diesel available when required

Placement management

  • Ensure and monitor farm readiness for placement as per BOP
  • Plan open site maintenance requirements as per procedure
  • Planning of all pre-placement activities
  • Counting of chicks at deliveries; signing off of IDNs

Catching management

  • Plan catching activities with team as per program.  Catching activities includes litter removal; pre-washing; washing; disinfection; bedding placement; maintenance; preparation
  • Pre- and post-inspections to be done with each contractor; sheets signed off
  • Inspecting bird activity and handling
  • Team Management
  • Plan teams leave on an annual basis and monitor leave balances on a monthly basis
  • Plan monthly shift roster and implement
  • Ensure adherence to company code of conduct; policies and procedures
  • Apply discipline as per company procedures; frequent training to be done with team
  • Ensure all required trainings executed and reported on.
  • Training will include Matrix training; On-the-job; Job observations; New entry training

Labour Broker Management

  • Request placements on prescribed documents; submitted to PM for approval process
  • Monitor all issues immediately and report to PM
  • Ensure poor performers are not re-cycled to other farms/operations; report them
  • Weekly signing off on Labour Broker time sheets and escalate to PM
  • Ensure employees complies to company min requirements (education and health)
  • Report placements to PM when reaching 3 months placement
  • Manage casuals performance and report poor performers to PM

 Required Knowledge and Experience

We pride ourselves with having the best people, which are our most important assets. Our company has been recognized for having the highest ethics and strives for excellence through distinctly higher standards than the norm.

We therefore urge only candidates with these unique requirements and experience to apply for this stimulating position.


  • A degree or diploma in Agriculture
  • Valid Code EB drivers’ licence
  • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience in a similar environment, 2 to 3 of which should be in a supervisory capacity



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