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Job Description

Seeking promising career opportunities that offer growth, challenges, and a profound sense of fulfillment? Search no further! Anglo American, a distinguished mining corporation, stands at the vanguard of providing exceptional job prospects within the mining industry. In this article, we shall delve into the realm of Anglo American vacancies, revealing the diverse roles they offer and how you can embark on an exhilarating career journey with this esteemed company.

Introduction to Anglo American

Anglo American plc, a renowned global mining conglomerate headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange, represents a paragon of complexity and linguistic diversity. Its dominance in platinum production, accounting for nearly 40% of the global output, attests to its unrivaled presence. This eminent entity’s exports encompass diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ore, and both metallurgical and thermal coal.

With operations spanning across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America, the company’s scope is truly astounding. This achievement was reflected in its accolade as the 274th-largest public company in the world, as per Forbes Global 2000’s 2020 edition.

Why Opt for Anglo American?

  1. Versatile Range of Opportunities

Anglo American offers an extensive array of employment prospects spanning diverse departments, including mining, engineering, finance, human resources, environmental sciences, and more. Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, there awaits a perfect role tailored for you.

  1. Emphasis on Employee Growth

As a people-centric organization, Anglo American believes in nurturing talent and providing numerous training and development programs. They prioritize enhancing the skills of their workforce, ensuring long-term growth and job contentment.

  1. Dedication to Sustainability

Anglo American deeply commits to sustainable mining practices that minimize environmental impact and advocate responsible resource management. Working with them allows you to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

1. HRD Officer Assessments HPCSA

Location: Chromite

Work Type: Entry Level (Permanent Employee)

Basically, through these Anglo American Vacancies, you will be conducting the Psychological assessments for the Business Unit.

Furthermore, your responsibilities will include:

  • Ensuring that systems and procedures are compliant with legislation;
  • Advising management on the most appropriate course of action regarding decision relates to the function; and
  • Ensuring the effective management of psychometric assessments across the complex, including the supervision of the HRD personnel as well as the availability of resources.

2. Manager Geology

Location: Thabazimbi

Work Type: Mid-Senior Level (Permanent Employee)

As the Geology Manager, you will lead the Geology teams to deliver safe, productive outcomes in line with agreed plans, operating standards and legal requirements and data analytics which will help us to ensure the realization of Burning Ambition, Zero Harm, Elimination of Fatalities, Life of Asset Plan and advancement of Future Smart Mining.

3. Manager Mining

Location: Makopane

Work Type: Mid-Senior Level (Permanent Employee)

As a mining manager, you will be responsible for setting up a new mine and progressing contractors that are going to be recruited to do their contract work. Also, you will work closely with processing to align tonnage to fragmentation, volume, grade targets and with AS&R to align equipment availability targets and operate the reliability programmes.

4. Digital Media Specialist

Location: Johannesburg

Work Type: Associate (Permanent Employee)

The purpose of this role is to successfully implement the South African digital communication strategy through compelling insights-led content through innovative and robust infrastructure supported by the website, social media and digital creative.

Additionally, through the regular creation of high-quality, engaging collateral, the Digital Media Specialist should influence Anglo American’s reputation positively in South Africa with external stakeholders.

5. Assistant Accountant

Location: Mokopane

Work Type: Mid-Senior Level (Permanent Employee)

As part of the role of an Assistant Accountant, some of your duties will include:

  • Assisting with compiling and loading of annual and cost centre budgets on the system
  • Responsible for monthly KPI reporting
  • Ensuring that the financial records are in compliance with the IFRS regulations
  • Assisting with the fixed assets register
  • Follow-up on outstanding working costs and capital issues
  • Ensuring that the Capex and cost breakdown reports are sent to Corporate Office within provided deadline
  • Assisting with the capitalisation of assets

6. Test Facility Team leader

Location: Cape Town

Work Type: Mid-Senior Level (Permanent Employee)

In particular, you will be responsible for supervising and developing the capacity of team members, whilst maintaining and supporting quality, safety, health, and environmental factors.

7. Professional Nurse

Location: Johannesburg

Work Type: Entry Level (Fixed-Term Employee)

This should be a rare opportunity to find a position in healthcare in the mining sector. However, that is not an oddity in Anglo American vacancies. In fact, these positions are available to many applicants.

Generally, the Professional Nurse provides comprehensive nursing healthcare that is quality-driven. Also, this role is responsible for providing administrative support to both internal and external clients thus promoting the Health and Safety of employees.

8. HR Officer Operations

Location: Burgersfort

Work Type: Entry Level (Permanent Employee)

This is a Generalist role within the Human Resources structure responsible for the maintenance of Human Resources practices and systems within an Operational Area.

Thus, as a Human Resource Officer, you will ensure the effectiveness of the Human Resource department in terms of performing Human Resources functions.

Besides, you will ensure that process flow in the system matches the requirements of the stakeholders. Additionally, you will have to monitor Human Resource processes regularly to ensure conformance to and understanding of standards and procedures by the client.

9. Supervisor Engineering

Location: Kathu

Work Type: Entry Level (Fixed-Term Employee)

This opportunity is one of the few Anglo American vacancies Kathu that you shouldn’t miss.

Specifically, as the company’s Supervisor Engineering, you will control the engineering process and make the necessary adjustments to contribute to the attainment of quality final product throughput in a safe and cost-effective manner.

10. Trackless Mobile Inspector

Location: Kathu

Work Type: Entry Level (Fixed-Term Employee)

As a Trackless Mobile Inspector, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Inspecting all equipment and Trackless Mobile Machines (TMM) for compliance to safety standards before they enter the project sites;
  • Tagging all approved equipment before entering project sites;
  • Developing inspection and tagging register; and
  • Discussing inspection results with those responsible for products, and recommend necessary corrective actions.

11. Hygienist

Location: Postmasburg

Work Type: Associate (Permanent Employee)

You will be responsible to provide expert advice to line management, thus ensuring that operations and activities conducted in the mine do not pose a health risk or threat to the workforce.

13. Accountant Recons

Location: Johannesburg

Work Type: Entry Level (Permanent Employee)

Your responsibilities for this role will be preparing and reviewing reconciliations and journals while ensuring that you meet monthly KPI’s. You will achieve this by making sure that you analyse data, investigate variances, find solutions, and most importantly meet deadlines.

Additionally, you will be expected to complete activities under the leadership of the Reconciliation Supervisor in accordance with agreed service levels.

14. Electrician SF

Location: Rustenburg

Work Type: Entry Level (Permanent Employee)

Basically, as an Electrician, your role will be to maintain, install, and commission the electrical components of the machinery and equipment to an agreed standard in the area of responsibility.

However, some of the other key responsibilities will include:

  • Conduct and participate in risk assessments;
  • Attend to Breakdowns and emergencies as required;
  • Ensure that material, spares and equipment are available as required;
  • Comply to environmental requirements and maintain the high quality of work;
  • Exercise judgment with regards to replacement of components; and
  • Records results of all legal examinations in the appropriate format.

15. Senior Surveyor

Location: Mokopane

Work Type: Mid-Senior Level (Permanent Employee)

Actually, as part of the role of a Senior Surveyor, some of your duties will include:

  • Comply with appropriate risk mitigation and risk management systems;
  • Review appropriate reports and outputs for accuracy before submissions; and
  • Train direct reports for developmental purposes.

16. Planned Maintenance Administrator

Location: Thabazimbi

Work Type: Entry Level (Fixed-Term Employee)

Basically, these Anglo American vacancies are responsible to:

  • Assist the Planned Maintenance Officer in the coordination, facilitation and management of the maintenance management programme for Mines and Plants;
  • Provide planning, control systems and maintenance of policies and strategies for the management of equipment; and
  • Optimise the interface with other Mine and Plant systems and functions.

17. SHE Governance and Assurance Practitioner

Location: Mokopane

Work Type: Entry Level (Permanent Employee)

In particular, the SHE Governance and Assurance Practitioner will do the following key roles:

  • Implement, coordinate, and conduct First Party SHE Risk Theme Audits at the operation;
  • Plan and coordinate the External SHE System Certification Audit;
  • Implement the required SHE Risk & Assurance system procedures, systems and standards;
  • Participate during Peer review audits as and when required; and
  • Facilitate opening and closing audit meetings with key stakeholders.

18. Vendor Adaption Coordinator

Location: eMalahleni

Work Type: Entry Level (Permanent Employee)

For this job, you will take on a range of responsibilities which include the following:

  • Maintain the Supply Chain Vendor and Supplier database
  • Support the Supply Chain team in:
  • Promoting MDM value proposition amongst operational stakeholders
  • Support team with allocated activities (in-house and across business)
  • Manage all contractors within your area of responsibility

19. Civil Projects Specialist

Location: Johannesburg

Work Type: Associate (Permanent Employee)

Generally, as a Civil project’s specialist, you will review and assess the impact of critical risks and monitor effectiveness of critical controls. Yet, in particular, some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Support integration of project engineering initiatives across the different Project Management Offices
  • Create safety reports and manage analysis of KPIs based on available data
  • Manage compliance with environmental and social requirements relevant to the discipline, including commitments to stakeholders

20. Occupational Health Practitioner

Location: Johannesburg

Work Type: Associate (Fixed-Term Employee)

Reporting to the Group Principal Health, Occupational Medical Practitioner provides subject matter expertise and best practice guidance on occupational health management (i.e. occupational hygiene and occupational medicine) to the company.

In particular, as an Occupational Health Practitioner, you will have to assist with Occupational Health management of policies, standards, processes and management systems to facilitate the delivery of the occupational elements of the company’s S&SD strategy. Besides, you will be responsible for monitoring and reporting on performance and associated risk management.


Q1: What sets Anglo American apart from other mining companies?

Anglo American’s commitment to sustainability, employee growth, and safety differentiates them from their peers. They strive to create a positive impact on society and the environment.

Q2: Is Anglo American an equal opportunity employer?

Yes, Anglo American is an equal opportunity employer, promoting diversity and inclusivity across their workforce.

Q3: Does Anglo American offer internships for fresh graduates?

Absolutely! Anglo American values fresh perspectives and welcomes recent graduates through their well-structured internship programs.

Q4: How does Anglo American ensure the safety of its employees?

Anglo American follows strict safety protocols, conducts regular training, and provides a safe working environment for all employees.

Q5: Does Anglo American support community development?

Yes, Anglo American actively engages in community development initiatives, empowering local communities around their operations.

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