How To Navigate Job Search (Without Being Too Picky)

In this post I am going to walk you through my three ways on how to strategically navigate your job search and career. This comes about especially when you’re having to deal with external pressures and there are people who are telling you that you’re being too picky with your job search.

Is there by any way that you have been feeling a bit frustrated stressed or upset lately about your job search. It could be because people around you are saying things to you like why don’t you have a job yet why are you being so picky. You should do insert job title here that’s a good stable job so perhaps you have a clear idea on what job it is that you do want to do next.

A reason for this behavior might be that you just know what you don’t want to do next in your next job, either way you have some sort of idea you’ve been actively applying yet you haven’t had much success, many results and now you’re wondering if you’re on the right track or not with your job search.

In this post I’m gonna walk you through three questions that you should ask yourself that will help you to determine whether you’re on the right track with your job search and some tips to help you navigate it more successfully.

Why Do I Want The Job?

The first question that you want to ask yourself is “why do I want the job that I want” if you know what job you want but at the same time other people around you are telling you that that’s unrealistic. First of all I want you to ignore what they’re saying and give yourself some quiet time to ask yourself.

  • Why do I want this job?
  • Do I want it because of the money?
  • Do I want it because of the prestige?
  • Do I want this job because it’s a hot thing in the marketplace?

Now and that’s what everyone’s jumping into and it’s better job security for me if I take on that job. If these are the main reasons why you want this job then perhaps it’s time for you to rethink whether this is actually the job for you.

There has to be more about the job that you know is going to give you fulfillment. It means that the job has to leverage and make use of your own natural talents and strengths. If it’s not going to make use of your natural talents and strengths you’re gonna find that working everyday in that job might feel like an uphill climb and if that’s how you’re gonna feel every day in the long term you’re gonna be unhappy in that position.



Is This Job Heading In The Direction Of Your Calling?

I don’t often use the word calling but that’s the best way to encompass and describe the feeling that you get when you think of a career that is going to be most fulfilling for you. It’s a calling it’s something that you’re driven towards internally so you have to ask yourself  “is this job heading in the direction of my calling?”

If this job is not really going to be making use of your talents and gifts meaning you’re not going to find it natural and easy to do and you might actually feel stressed and frustrated through the process.

If that is the case you have to rethink if this job is the right one for you, what I’m saying here is you know not every job is going to come naturally of course you’re gonna have to learn the key skills, the key duties and tasks to do the job.

At the same time it has to align with you in some way shape or form. It can’t just be a job that the only reason you joined it was because you wanted a paycheck from it or you wanted the prestige or you wanted the reputation. Those things will not fulfill you so you really want to be really clear on that and make sure that the job that you’re in aligns with your gifts and talents.

Am I Learning How to Impress Employers To Get The Job I Want?

Finally question number three on navigating your job search is to ask yourself “am i learning how to impress employers to get the job I want” let’s say that there is a job that you want and it’s going to take you a while to get there maybe you know that this job is extremely competitive to get into and there’s only a handful of positions and beneath that we’ll hire for this position

If that’s the case it likely might take a while before you’re going to be called for an interview and get that opportunity. This might be because there may be time periods where they’re just simply not hiring for this position. That means you’re gonna have a lot of free time and not a lot of money to spend while you’re searching for your job because you won’t be making any money.



If you’re not working so what’s the best thing to do in this case. The best thing to do is to maximize and optimize whatever time and money that you do have to make sure that by the time you get that interview you are going to know how to stand apart from the rest of the competition so that you can nail that job offer and you won’t be able to have to stay unemployed that much longer.

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